There’s a bitchy, self-centered girl at my school (you know the kind) and every time I see her in the hallway I remember that time - 4/20 two years ago when she tried using a bong for the first time. The bong went a full circle around everyone before it went to her. When it got to her she insisted that the guy beside her light the bowl. She then tried to put her whole mouth around the bong. I thought she was going to break her jaw… All the stoned kids were trying not to piss themselves and I’m just sitting there thinking, This girl literally tried to deep throat a bong


*follower confession* I’ve been with 4 people since we broke up and the only way I’ve been able to orgasm with all of them is when I close my eyes and think about my birthday when you went down on me by the fireplace and I came so hard that I started crying.